Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Purchase A League of Legends Account

This question has been inquired about for years and although Riot will proclaim that smurfing is bad, we’re here to explain its the bee’s knees.

Learning A New Role

As someone who has lived through this I can say without a doubt learning a new role is hard. I was someone who mained support for several seasons and swapping to a different role is tricker thank you might believe.

this is because it’s nigh on impossible to improve when you are not in a competitive environment, and of course you likely don’t wish to witness all your cherished league points slip into nothingness. You also want to avoid getting raged at by toxic players for being kinda bad as first time Le Blanc.

So you must find a 3rd choice, unless of course, you get a kick out of being told that you’re a disgrace and want nothing more than to have your LP fade away.


Playing On A New Server

Everyone have an online friend these days and it’s more than likely that plenty of them reside in a foreign country. If you want to play games with them then there are two ways you can make it happen:

You can change servers but this turns out to be extortionate over time. Unless you have successfully robbed several banks then obtaining a League of Legends account is your only choice. This information also applies to people who are overseas by the military. Having to be away from your family can be painful anyway, so why go through the suffering of quitting LoL too?

You can understand why you might need an account in a foreign region, but it also applies to those looking to play whilst away from home on a getaway. Having said that hundreds of players from all around the planet spend plenty of cash just to play on a Bronze League of Legends smurf. But why though? Read on to find out!

Why Would Anyone Spend On A Unranked Smurf?

We’ve done plenty of digging into this, and what we’ve managed to uncover might surprise you. For starters. there’s a dilemma that effects plenty of LoL players every year: That one low elo buddy.

He might be the cheeriest player you’ve ever encountered. The second you sign into League of Legends he is ready. First he sends something like: “Hey there, wanna play? =)”and of course you have to say no. Why? Because it’s either that or you join his match and grimace as your elo drop like a rock.

That’s one possibility if that fails then you could try ghosting him, which will eventually sow the seeds of resentment, especially if you try ignoring him and then instantly join game the moment he is in one.

The solution is fairly simple, just purchase a LoL account. by doing this you’re able to play matches with your low elo buddy and also get some compliments to top it off, and why not, you’re boosting their LP, and the fact that you are annihilating noobs is a nice treat.

Due to bad decisions made to the game, people can no longer play with players who are two ranked tiers beneath them, but by playing on a smurf you have a great way around the problem. And, it means you get a couple of much sought after skins to top it off, which brings us to our next point.

LOL Champions

Playing On A Smurf Nets You Some Excellent Swag Points

Why do people spend an absurd amount of money on jackets that have nothing except the fact that they are made by a well-known brand? Because of the same reason they spend all their savings on fancy cars and houses.

Humans get a kick out of peacocking, and for an excellent reason too – men and women alike will act differently around you if they believe you have some form status, and the same goes for LoL. If you happen to own some awesome skins then your teammates will be impressed, and immediately think you know more about LoL than you really do.

Another reason you might want to purchase an account is that you are a feeder.

Owning Your Diamond Account

Similar to the reasons mentioned above, owning a Diamond account will get you mountains of attention. Along with that, a Platinum smurf will be guaranteed to let you have the years rare Victorious skin. not to mention the fact that possessing an account means you are able to save it for a couple of seasons and then sell it as lots of discontinued skins will only gain value in time, which means that you can look hot for several seasons then pass on the account for profit!

In Summary

We are sure that our many reasons has convinced you to obtain a LoL smurf but be cautious of where you pick them up from, since tons of them will take the cash and dash, If you want to avoid this be certain to do your research.

If you follow these steps then you will find plenty of enjoyment from your excellent!

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